Flyspan connects the power of drones with commercial industries.

Unlock the power of your drone fleet.


Drones are complex systems with many sensors. They provide users with valuable information. Many industries understand the value of using drones and are rapidly growing their drone fleet. 

Flyspan has developed a drone fleet analytics platform named FlyView. 


FlyView software gives you the power to make decisions from your drone fleet. 

Drone Fleet Management | Intelligent Decision Making


3D Environment

FlyView runs in a 3D environment. This features lets you interact with your drone fleet in real time like never before. We built FlyView to integrate well with your custom maps or third party map providers

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Intelligent Sensor Management

FlyView aggregates data from sensors in your drone fleet and new features will include video streaming and use machine learning to show maintenance intervals and route optimization. 


Harmonious Connectivity

We built FlyView to work with the leading autopilots and sensor manufacturers. This provides seamless scalability for enterprise users.  

If Flyspan is an indication of the cutting edge future of the commercial drone industry, this is one future that looks bright and rosy even without lens filters.
— DroneX
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Flyspan connects the power of drones to commercial industries. 

FlyView is our software platform that enables users to make decisions using real time information from their drone fleet. FlyView is the intelligent solution for drone fleet management. 

Are you a drone manufacturer or software developer?Partner with us to integrate FlyView into your application. 

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